Sengol meaning, it's History and today price of Sengol

Sengol is a 2-inch thick gold-plated sceptre and it is 5-foot long stick. The estimated value of Sengol is approximately ₹42 lakh, Now Sengol to be installed in the new parliament of India by Narendra Modi.


Sengol is a scepter of extraordinary craftsmanship, featuring a 5-foot long staff and a luxurious gold plating that measures 2 inches in thickness. 

Sengol, will soon find its home within the newly constructed New Parliament of India, as personally arranged by the esteemed leader Narendra Modi.

What is meaning of Sengol ?

The name "Singol" derives its origins from the Tamil language, where it is formed by combining two meaningful words. "Cemmai," which signifies "prosperity," and "kol," meaning "rod," come together harmoniously to form the name "Singol."

What is history of Sengol?

The practice of utilizing the Sengol sceptre has its roots in the ancient Chola dynasty. Within the traditions of the Chola Dynasty, Sengol is regarded as a symbol of both "righteousness" and "prosperity."

During the era of British Raj, this sceptre would be handed over to the new king of the royal family as part of their coronation.

As India's independence in 1947, Governor-General Lord Mountbatten asked Jawaharlal Nehru for a symbolic representation of the power transfer.

Jawaharlal Nehru, in consultation with C. Rajagopalachari, a prominent Congress leader from Tamil Nadu, learned about the tradition in Tamil Nadu's royal family, where the sceptre was bestowed upon the new king during their coronation—a practice dating back to the Chola dynasty. Rajagopalachari advised Nehru to acquire the sceptre from the British as a symbol of the power transition.

Consequently, in 1947, two sannyasis from Sri Amblavana Desigar in Thanjavur presented the sceptre to Jawaharlal Nehru, marking the transfer of power from the British Raj to the Republic of India.

What is price of Sengol?

Sengol, as described on Wikipedia, is a gold-plated sceptre measuring around 5 feet in length. It features a silver core and weighs approximately 800 grams (1.8 lb). Considering the current gold rate (₹5,560 as of 28-05-2023), the estimated value of Sengol is approximately ₹42 lakh.

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Note: The value I provided is an approximation based on the information available, it may be incorrect.

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