Pandya Store 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: what happens to Gautam

The episode commences with Raavi and Rishita harboring suspicions towards Dhara, leading them to search her room. 

3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update

Suman inquires whether Dhara is responsible for something. Gautam expresses uncertainty, while Dev suggests going out to locate the children. Gautam insists on resolving matters at home first. 

Raavi decides to check the cupboard, prompting Rishita to argue that Dhara wouldn't lock the kids inside. Raavi extends her search to Rishita's room, accusing her of taking everything and implying that both Rishita and Dhara only care about Natasha.

 A heated argument ensues, and Dhara intervenes, scolding them. She explains her actions, emphasizing her intention to prevent the division of the house and urging them to end the drama. Rishita suggests dividing the house, but Dhara pleads with them to consider the children's desire to stay together. 

Prerna supports Dhara's proposition, while Gautam reprimands them, questioning how the matter escalated. He appeals to their unity, emphasizing the strength it brings. Suman dismisses his plea, declaring it too late. The children worry, with Chiku recalling Dhara's promise to prevent division. 

Shesh asserts their determination to stay together, but Suman contends that once relations are broken, they cannot be mended. Gautam and Dhara vow to prevent the division, but Suman asserts that when women fight and husbands remain silent, families inevitably break apart. Dhara insists that her family stands united, and Suman instructs the kids to come out.

The children descend and reunite with their parents. Suman suggests allowing them to stay apart, arguing that they will have love, whereas living together would only lead to animal-like fights. She devalues the house but emphasizes the importance of the family. Chiku, determined to stay with Shweta Maa, expresses his intent to leave if everyone departs. Dhara cries, and Mittu voices the family's desire to stay together. Shesh pleads for them not to separate. 

Dhara implores Dev not to leave, but he explains that he must do it for the children, as they witness daily conflicts. Dhara beseeches Shiva not to go, reminding him of their close bond and the pain she would endure if he left. Shiva, however, feels compelled to be with Mittu and Raavi, recounting their past struggles and the need to support them. He echoes his mother's sentiments. Dhara scolds them tearfully and pleads with Krish to reconsider his desire for division. Krish argues that his child deserves a better life abroad, asserting Prerna's right to decide the upbringing, which she prefers in Canada. Dhara pleads with them all not to leave.

Each family member retreats to their respective rooms, leaving Dhara apologetic for her inability to fulfill her promise. Dhara and the children weep, while Gautam realizes the injustice unfolding. He bursts into their rooms, demanding they emerge and receive their share. He insists on drawing a line and asks them to express their desires. 

Dhara intervenes, attempting to stop him, but Gautam finally comprehends the situation. He urges everyone to come out. Shiva voices his disagreement, claiming that what is happening is wrong. Dev acknowledges their wrongdoing and implores Rishita to consider Natasha. Shiva advises Raavi to support Mittu. 

Dev, Shiva, and Krish rush out of their rooms. Dhara tries to calm the situation, explaining that it's not the right time to talk, but Gautam persists, requesting their presence. As he catches sight of them, he solemnly declares that the house will be divided today."

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